Red Ape Encounters – RAE

RAE is a niche wildlife tourism destination. Founded on the principles of research,  conservation, and ethical & sustainable social economic development, a visit enables guests to experience how wild orangutans live and interact with their environment with complete respect to their privacy. This “tour” within a well documented research site represents a rare opportunity for visitors to intimately observe and experience the field of wildlife research and conservation. A tour with RAE is the only means of accessing the protected area in which the research site is located.

RAE’s highlight excursion is the visit to HUTAN’s orangutan research site to experience just how wildlife research is conducted. It is currently the only site in the world to offer visitors an encounter with completely wild orang-utans – that are subjects of a long-term study on adaptation to secondary forests.

RAE complies with the strict scientific based guidelines on wildlife tourism and only permits a total of 300 people per year into the HUTAN – KOCP research site making this one of the more exclusive and intimate wildlife encounters in the world. An experience with Asia’s only great ape and the other rare and iconic species is an encounter of a lifetime.

Today, RAE has emerged as a model project with regards to sustainable rural development by integrating wildlife and habitat conservation together with ethical and responsible wildlife tourism that directly benefit local socio-economic development.